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What if you could feel confident and connected to yourself, inside and out, regardless of the way your physical appearance changes over the years?



It's summer 2022. You feel comfortable in your skin, and in your mind. You have daily self care habits that make sense for YOU, fit easily into your routine. You are able to be present in social situations. You're hopping IN the photos, smiling, laughing, having the time of your life. And here's the biggest kicker: it has NOTHING to do with the latest weight loss transformation, the dangerously rigid exercise program, juice cleanse, or fast you just did.  

Everything you love and enjoy from a diet and exercise program...without the toxic bullshit.

90 Day Play_edited.jpg


in this challenge, you'll learn how to develop and foster a loving, respectful relationship with your physical body. you'll learn how to completely transform your body image, independent of comparison, and what society tells you you need to look like in order to be worthy.


what makes this different is that our mindset is the founding pillar of all other lessons, activities, tools, and habits we will learn together.

by uncovering, workshopping, and reframing our limiting beliefs, we can approach all aspects of our lives through a new and improved lens.


when we become adults with responsibilities, trauma, debt, stress, and alllll the things...we forget PLAY. we rely on social media, alcohol, netflix, etc to get those happy chemicals firing, or, we're drowning in depression and anxiety, unable to cope anymore. and that's why daily play is a part of this challenge.

Here's what you'l.

Daily Tracker

A workbook and journal -13 weeks, 90 days of accountability and trackable support as we incorporate mind, body, and play habits into the challenge!

Weekly Meetings

Virtual expert-led group calls. This is where we do all the learning, ask questions, and share breakthroughs.

Private Group

A private community to make friends, share experiences, and connect outside of our group meeting hours.


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