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What if...

You started your work week feeling calm confidence in your body instead of anxiety thinking about all the "stuff" you have to figure out online and on social media?

You're full of inspiration to create content, (and you actually have the skills mastered to create that content effectively)

You've got systems in place, and they're ::gasp:: working, which means you have time to do what you do best...actually working your business instead of wasting hours and hours deciphering hashtags.

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Every month, you get a dose of expert marketing strategies and work closely with a globally recognized marketer and creator, to make sure your business gets the support it deserves.

Enrollment is Open!

It took me 3 years and $10K to gain the skills needed to build my first business (as a single mom) and establish my brand so that everyone knew who I was.

What if you could do that in bite-size doses, for a fraction of the price? From someone who’s been there, understands the struggles, and can give you hands on, tailored to YOUR business, guidance?

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What is the VIP Experience?

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Bi-Weekly Trainings

  • Step by step content creation & social media

  • Hashtags, algorithms, shadowbanning, carousels, and other buzzwords

  • How to choose & work with colors, logos, graphics

  • How to optimize your digital home & online presence

  • How to master your audience & activate attraction marketing

  • How to set up collaborations, work with influencers

  •  & more!


Just $111/month

*BONUS* Referral Rebate! Get $22 back for each person you refer that enrolls. Unlimited. Refer 5+ people and you're literally making money...


I'm ready - let's do this!


What's it like to work with me?


Rease, actress

Leslie's ability to understand the connection between the needs of the brand and the audience of the creator makes her a branding genius. 


Katie, consultant

Working with Leslie is fun, easy, and a huge confidence boost. She made me feel relevant, capable, and important. Leslie gave me great guidance and was prepared with tons of ways for me to boost my following and presence not only online but in life in general.


Tanya, entertainment

Leslie is a true expert at what she does. She listens to what your goals are, and gives you an easy, step by step, surefire plan to get those goals off the ground. Working with her will definitely help elevate your brand to the next level!


Hey, I'm Leslie Jespersen.
Founder of
Marsolluna & Co
Leveled Up Events
Love, Leslie Jespersen

I work as a content creator, influencer, and globally recognized branding expert, as well as an event producer, speaker, and confidence coach. I have a passion for using social media as a springboard for business and I've helped countless personal brands, influencers, and businesses uplevel their impact and their income. 

Image by Andrew Neel

How I got here...

In 2014 I opened up a credit card and charged $3000 for a social media masters program and it was the beginning of the rest of my life. 

In 2015 I enrolled in 3 other programs and learned more about digital marketing, branding, and became a pro member of Canva learning how to design content for clients as well as myself (sometimes better than the graphic designers that I was working with in my corporate job tbh…)

In 2016 I invested $2000 in a course that taught me how to build webinars to sell courses. It lead to writing and selling a Social Media Marketing Certification course that was approved by the NJ Department of Unemployment for those required to continue their education for reemployment. 

I was a single mom of 2, recently divorced and rebuilding my life after losing my home and possessions in Hurricane Sandy. 

It was an opportunity to rewrite my story the way I WANTED. 

It was a chance to prove to myself that even though I felt like everything was taken from me, that I had zero control over my past…I had full control over my future. 


And that’s when I decided what my definition of success would be. 

Freedom from stressful work environments and the power to walk away from clients who did not respect me
Growth of my brand, of who I was as a person
Financial independence
Setting an example for my kids and being present with them
Abundance in unexpected ways
The power to FLOW where I felt inspired 


and here I am now.


You can take your time learning how to do it all on your own, sure. I did lol!

But what is your TIME worth?

That was the eye opener for me and that's why I started hiring coaches to help me level up my business.

Plus, I had the support for when times were rough AND the encouragement when things were GREAT!

I was tired of spending my TIME asking questions on google and figuring out how to do things by trial and error. My time was way more valuable.

And that has made all the difference.

What is your time worth to you

Boss Bitch Mastermind is the solution to:

  • learn everything you need to become a successful entrepreneur

  • gain clarity and confidence in how you manage your brand and your business

  • understand your goals and have step-by-step guidelines on how to get there



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