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Whether you've worked with coaches for years or you have no idea what it's like to work with a coach, there's a safe and supportive space for you in my world and I'm happy you're here! My goal is to provide affordable and accessible coaching that allows for transformation and growth. My magic trick is turning burnt-out babes into monetized brands with confidence, self love, and strategy!

Leslie's Signature Mirror Method ™

In 2021, Leslie developed her signature workshop for her event, the "Hot Girl Summer Self Love Party". This workshop walked women through their insecurities, lack of self worth, and deep-rooted limiting beliefs to bust through them and see themselves (literally) in a different light. She began incorporating this workshop into more in-person events and retreats and continues to transform women's views of themselves through her Signature Mirror Method™. She now offers this as a workshop option for others, too!

Leslie's Coaching

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Featured Offer

Private Psychic Business Session

Who: for aspiring or current entrepreneurs, personal brands, or business owners

Why: We will explore your purpose and passions, your goals, and develop an action plan and strategy using my claircognizance, clairvoyance, and clairsentient gifts!

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