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The Answers You Need

Is this live or pre-recorded?

The weekly and monthly videos will be streamed live so that we can interact together. This is YOUR group and I am here to help and guide you. If you can't attend any of the video streams live, you are able to go back and watch/comment/chat at your convenience.

How long is the program?

This is an ongoing, private membership vs. a set program. There will be continuously evolving content based on member needs, and new topics, challenges, and celebrations each time. It'll go on indefinitely and as you grow and step into the higher version of your most amazing self, so will the content.

Is it really this cheap?

Okay first of all, I prefer the term "accessible" vs. "cheap" lol. Yes. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to change their lives and their mindsets to love the person they are. That being said, I also love and value myself and my work enough to know not to give it away for free. This is an exchange of effort and energy and you are free to cancel at any time.


How I Got Here

In 2013 I was at my rock bottom. I had just lost my home in Hurricane Sandy, my husband was flaunting his affair but kept me on a string and would come back every 3 months, and everything I knew that gave me value in life was rocked. Who was I if I wasn't someone's wife? I lost my identity, and spiraled down a path of self destruction because I truly felt I had no other way. I hated who I was when I looked in the mirror. I hated who I was as a mom. I was clearly a failure as a partner. Little did I know, this was my new beginning. This was my chance to discover that I was an imperfectly perfect human, just as I was, and the opportunity to change and grow in my newest relationship: the one with myself. 

My goal in sharing this is to show you that there's no such thing as hopeless, or too late. Whether you're barreling down the tracks on the self-hate freight train daily, or you're well into your journey and could use some new tools and want to connect with others on the same path...."DEAR ME" is for you. We start soon so let's go, baby! 

Love, Leslie Jespersen