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Working with Leslie is like...

"Best money I've ever spent on marketing and advertising."

- Michael, restaurant group owner


"Leslie and I have been friends for 15+ years but working with her on a professional level has been an incredible experience. I was really not connected with my identity as a social media creator and was afraid to accept my title of "influencer". I knew I had massive potential but was so overwhelmed with all the logistics involved. Not only did Leslie empower me to step into what already came naturally to me, but she seamlessly aligned everything so that I could get bigger, better deals and really embody my brand. The website, the email, the logo, the brand aesthetic, the content, graphics, negotiating...she helped me get it all in place and now I'm working with national brands and getting paid my worth - while still remaining true to myself." 

Screen Shot 2023-02-08 at 4.10.59 PM.png
Beauty Vlogger

Actress, Influencer, Health Coach

"Leslie's ability to understand the connection between the needs of the brand and the audience of the creator makes her a branding genius. I would have never thought to make the connections she did and it came out authentic, relatable, and totally resonated with my audience. The label loved it and the video is performing so well."


"Leslie is a true expert at what she does. She listens to what your goals are, and gives you an easy, step by step, surefire plan to get those goals off the ground. Working with her will definitely help elevate your brand to the next level!"

Business Meeting
Cooking Eggs

 Content Creator

Working with Leslie is fun, easy, and a huge confidence boost. She made me feel relevant, capable, and important. Leslie gave me great advice and was prepared with tons of ways for me to boost my following and presence not only online but in real life.

Property Group Owner

"Our web traffic has skyrocketed. I'm so impressed with how well you tackle roadblocks and handle logistics with calm confidence. You are so good at what you do. It's like you're in my head and I can't get the words out, and you can." 


Health & Wellness Coach

"Every time we talk, I have so much more confidence and so many more ideas!"

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