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The Harmony Portal

It doesn't have to be one or the other. You get to do it all. 

Balance your masculine and feminine energy with ongoing support so that you can show up in your business and feel in control of your life.

The work looks like: 


I'm feeling wonderful after last night's session. Every time we work together I always feel so much better. Your work is very meaningful and valuable.

Elizabeth Loshikian, Financial Advisor, Divorced Toddler Mom

Since we began our work together, Liz has signed several new clients, hosted a workshop, secured several media interviews, and has continued her healing work after divorce.  She has gained confidence in her marketing strategy, is creating content that resonates with her target audience, and is seeing steady growth.


There are 2 options to be the next Harmony Portal student:


 6 months of bi-weekly coaching, 1 hour per session + messaging access
$3750 paid in full (save $210) 


24 bi-weekly auto-payments of $165

3 months of bi-weekly coaching, 30 minutes per session + messaging access
$1333 paid in full (save $167) 


12 weekly auto-payments of $125

I accept via credit card, zelle, venmo, or paypal for pay-in-full options.

Payment plans must be via credit or debit card auto draft. 

I want to apply to the portal,
Sign me up!

Thanks for applying! I'll reach out for a call within 24 hours.

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