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It's time for you to be PAID.

Two live classes + a 1:1 mastery session --> start earning money on social media before 2023. 

Have you ever wondered how people are making full time income from social media? Maybe you're even the person who secretly teases or rolls their eyes at people when they say they make money off the internet. It's your turn.

I'm not talking about OnlyFans. (No shade tho - I respect TF out of that hustle!) 

I'm not talking about MLMs/Direct Sales (Again, no shade...this is actually one of my passive revenue streams)

No, for this micro-mind experience, I'm going to guide you through monetizing the fuck out of being YOU.

We all know how much we scroll. Might as well get paid for it sis!

In 2020 when the pandemic hit, my work in events and entertainment shut down and I had to figure out a way to make money - FAST. 

I'm teaching you how I built these additional revenue streams using social media with part time hours (I am chief mama of my household with 2 kiddos, a dog, a cat, and a frog...)

And because this is an INTIMATE container with only 4 students, we'll be able to really dive deep and strategize a plan that works for your lifestyle. 


The schedule:

LIVE CLASS 1: Monday, December 19 at 11am EST (REPLAY AVAILABLE)

LIVE CLASS 2: Tuesday, December 20 at 11am EST (REPLAY AVAILABLE) 

Your 1:1 Mastery Session will be via individual link so that it fits into your schedule

The investment:

$333 (Individual sessions with me are $444 right're practically getting this free!)

Enrollment ends December 15.

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