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5 Things You Need to Know About Medical Aesthetic Injectables

Although recently trending in medical aesthetics, injectables like neurotoxins and fillers have been around for a while! I got my first services back in 2018, actually. You don't have to go to the extremes and get celebrity-size lips or cheeks if you don't want. The trick is being informed and working with a professional.

Here are 5 things you should know when considering getting medical aesthetic injectables - from someone NOT in the industry.

  1. There are different brands; not everything is Botox. (Although kudos to their marketing for being the most common brand name in the market. For neurotoxins, I have had Jouveaux, Botox and Xeomin. I like Xeomin the best because it still gives me some movement while giving me a more useful, healthy appearance. I am personally not a fan of freeze face and I like being able to have expression, raise my eyebrows, etc but I like how it smooths out my forehead and crow's feet, and lessens my 11 lines.

2. Everybody’s anatomy is different! Working with Beauty Nurse Regina, I learned that my muscles that control my “11s” run extra wide and since I want to keep movement in my brows, using a neurotoxin around that area is not advised. That's why in the past, I felt I got "too much". For other people, that muscle group runs more vertically and they may be able to eliminate movement in that area. Not for me! Having a knowledgeable injector is really important for this reason. You don’t want to risk messing with this muscle which will leave you looking tired and heavy browed.

3. Your lifestyle will affect how the injectables take so you should plan accordingly. For example, if you’re doing lip fillers, avoid dental work around the appointment. Don’t schedule an appointment in the evening if you’re going to lay down right afterwards. Do you want to stay upright for a couple hours after your procedure! Also note that the neurotoxins and fillers are metabolized in your body, so if you have a naturally high metabolism, you results may wear off sooner.

4. Don’t be afraid! It is really not very painful and a talented injector can be precise and quick. I love that Regina talked to me the entire time to keep my mind off of it. A bikini wax hurts 10 times worse in my opinion! Don’t be afraid to do just a little and go back after a couple weeks to add more if you want. You don’t need to go for a drastic change that alters your look. A good injector will chat with you about what you’re looking to achieve, and recommend the right amount to give you a subtle, youthful look. Ask as many questions as you need to!

5. Schedule your maintenance! Despite the rumors, maintaining your injectables at the recommended times well actually help keep wrinkles away! The less you are using those muscles, the less chance you have of further damage. Wearing a hat and sunglasses to prevent yourself from squinting, etc. is also a great idea in general.

Did you know all of this? Did you learn something new? Let me know!

*Note: I am not a medical professional. This blog is for entertainment purposes and does not make any medical claims. Always check with your doctor and be safe!

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