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Celebrate Your Unfollows.

No, that's not a typo.

Story time.

I finally figured out TikTok and have been creating fun content that is super in alignment with my brand. With Instagram's REELS release, I have just been repurposing my content and putting my TikTok videos on Instagram. The engagement and reach has been crazy good! Sure, my feed doesn't look as 'curated' with REELS, but it's ME.

So earlier this week, I posted a video about nipples. The HORROR, you guys. I was just WAITING for someone to report me or say something to my boyfriend. Well, to my pleasant surprise, so many people commented saying how relatable it was - both men and women. Yeah, there were some strangers who reacted inappropriately, but that's nothing new and I just restrict their accounts.

I looked at my follower count the next day and noticed I was down about 100 followers. I DO have an app that will tell me who unfollows, so that I can use this information to see what content is resonating with whom and what is not. I was shocked to not only see a bunch of fake sugar daddy accounts, but I discovered it was a lot of mommy blogger accounts, and even some people I knew. FRIENDS.

I felt a few things.

1) Shock/surprise. I would think that other moms who have nipples, have at one point used said nipples to feed their children, and maybe feel embarrassed when theirs show, would feel comforted and get a laugh out of the video.

2) Laughter. Is this really what it takes to upset people these days? Are bodies THAT offensive? Man. No wonder our world is in the state it is.

3) GRATITUDE. Yes, I’m thankful for these unfollows. Because that means that I’m narrowing down my audience to people who truly benefit from and enjoy the content I produce. It means that my engagement rate will actually do BETTER because I don’t have a bunch of lurkers who never engage, thus telling the Instagram algorithm that my posts are not relevant.

This is what I mean when I say you need to celebrate the people that walk out of your life, whether it’s in the form of ghosting, relationships, friendships, or followers. They are not your people. They did you a favor.

congratulations, you just leveled up.

[to clarify, this doesn’t mean that you should be disrespectful to your audience and say, fuck you if you don’t like me and what I’m saying. Not at all. Those who unfollowed, that’s fine, I still respect you, and I hope that one day you won’t be triggered or upset by annoyed by body parts that everyone has.]

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