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Who are you inviting to sit at your table? ⁣

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

If you’re feeling drained of your energy, stressed the fuck out, and negative...take a look at who you’re entertaining.⁣

I am in such a place of protecting my space and my energy and I’m quick to delete someone off my Facebook or unfollow/disengage lately.⁣

On the same page, I am pushing myself to let people in, make new friends, and learn to trust better. ⁣

It’s a tough balance. ⁣

I won’t allow gossip or shit-talking on other women or friends of mine, and I won’t allow disrespect. Do you?⁣

Look, we all love a little feeding of our drama llamas from time to time. But I am no longer apologetic for putting my foot down, standing up for myself, and standing up for other people. ⁣

Shut that shit down.⁣

There are so many incredible people we can surround ourselves with and learn from, collaborate with, and grow with, but they won’t make their way if there’s no room because the table’s filled with negativity.

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