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Do Period Panties Really Work?

I put them to the test, without planning on it. The results were...shocking.

First of all, I just need to say that the fact that periods, menstruation, and cycles are still a taboo thing to talk about is just absolutely absurd at this point in civilization. It's something that every human with a uterus (sans health issues obvi) goes through and lives with, and we are just expected to act like it's not happening.

So, here we go. I would be doing a disservice to menstruating humans everywhere if I did not talk about how period panties saved my Nashville vacation last month.

I am someone who gets life-stopping periods every month. I booked a trip without looking at the calendar and realized afterwards that I would be starting menstruation while on vacation. (I legit plan my life according to my cycle because it's so rough.) I am a huge fan of AdoreMe if you didn't know already by my social media posts, and I saw that they offered period panties so I ordered a couple pairs.

I’ll admit, I was a little hesitant to spend so much money, and I was worried that it would feel like I was wearing a diaper. I didn't really understand the concept and honestly, the amount that others bleed is way off from what I do. That being said, I went for the super absorbency ones.

Let me tell you. At 1 AM on Broadway, I would’ve paid $100 for a pair. I had been cramping all night but pushing through because I didn’t want to miss anything. This was a night that my friends and I had been planning for months and I hadn't seen everyone in over a year. But when you’re with a big group, it gets a little hectic. We had already been out since 6pm and I was in more and more pain as the night progressed. It should be noted that I use a menstrual disc because of my flow. By midnight, I knew I needed to go home because I was worried that I would end up with ruined pants, looking like a crime scene, and my anxiety was peeking. Uber‘s were $75. If I walked, it would’ve been even worse. I started to cry because there was nothing I could do. There I was, standing on Broadway in Nashville, crying because I was fully anticipating the most embarrassing moment every menstruating person has nightmares about.

We had no other choice but to walk home. I was in pain, exhausted, and felt like I was bleeding through everything. You know that feeling I'm talking about.

To my surprise, when I got home, these panties absorbed everything. EVERYTHING. Not one drop on my pants. Without feeling like I was wearing a diaper. No odor, no mess. I was blown away and relief is not a strong enough word. Flabbergasted. (Not to mention, so weak and exhausted from the day/night I had just had!)

I was able to just rinse them in the shower and hang dry. They rinse out really easily and dry just as easily. Another option I had was to hand wash them in the shower and then throw them in the dryer since I was staying with a friend.

My second pair came in to handy on my flight home. The airport was a madhouse, and I barely made my flight. Besides the fact that I didn’t have time to get breakfast or coffee, I didn’t have time to go to the bathroom because there was a line. (Sidenote: why does BNA have such a shortage of places to eat or pee?!?) Again, these panties saved the day. I made it all the way through my flight, and then the hour drive home, completely protected, comfortable, and so grateful.

They were also really helpful overnight, because I didn’t have to worry about ruining my friends furniture that I was sleeping on.

Having such heavy cycles is so mentally and emotionally draining, in addition to physically draining. I am always anxious and usually just put my life on hold for a few days every month. That being said - I have already ordered a couple more pairs. The peace of mind that adding these to my wardrobe has given me is priceless.

I use them as an added layer of protection, but from my experience, if you have a light flow, you could probably use these as an alternative to pads/tampons/liners without issue. I also love that they have cute styles and patterns. Usually our period panties are the high waisted, ugly briefs. You know I love my cute lingerie so these still allow me to feel like myself!

I recommend Joyja brand. This link will give you 10% off and they also are offering free shipping right now: Shop Joyja Period Panties

Have you tried period panties? I'd love to hear your experiences!

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