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The Next Big Trend in Health (Mind AND body workout!) + Leslie’s Manicure Gone Wrong

Catch up with your girls this week on Volume Up! Leslie and Charlee are joined in the studio by Stacia Eve Paul, owner of Light as a Feather Yoga, who is dishing all the details on a different kind of yoga- trapeze. What the heck is yoga trapeze? Who’s it for? What’s it do? The ladies chat about Stacia’s training for certification in Spain, using your practice as therapy, and how to balance it all as an entrepreneur. 

Have you ever walked out of a business so furious you could write a Yelp review? Then you HAVE to listen to Leslie’s recent customer service experience! We’re not going to name any names, but... 

Make sure you’re listening for the details on our “Where Are You Listening” Social Selfie Contest and how you can win a prize pack bursting with $500 worth of fun. Plus we’re talking our July Baby Birthday Bash, influencers who do bizarre stuff for cash, and Charlee’s strange aversion to poultry. 

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