• Leslie Jespersen

I Did Yoga in a Mask and This is How It Went

Yoga in a mask is tough. ⁣

A Baptiste yoga class after not doing it for months (tbh, more than a year besides 2-3x) is tough. ⁣

Yoga in a plus size body that has 20? 30? 40? more pounds on it than last time is tough. ⁣

Setting an alarm on a day where you have no kids or responsibilities is tough. ⁣

Not getting back in the car and just going home when you show up at the wrong location first is tough.⁣

Not quitting when the tears well up and the negative thoughts creep in because your body does not move the way it did before is tough.⁣

When things get tough, I tend to clench my eyes closed and try like hell to keep my body going. But by closing our eyes, we are missing things that are sent to help us.⁣

When life is tough, do you close your eyes? 😖⁣

Friends, let’s open our eyes.⁣

During this practice, when I felt like I was going to puke, my mask is full of hot air, and my muscles were screaming, I opened my eyes.⁣

The sun was shining, and it was a new view. I counted the cars driving onto the expressway. The traffic was my drishti. And I stayed. And I breathed some more.⁣

And I made it.⁣

I called my mom on the way home and cried. I had so much to release and let go of. "How did I let myself get this far away?"

"I have to do this ALL OVER AGAIN!"

But my mom reminded me that we all start over, all the time. My depression had gotten ahold of me this year, and rightfully so. What mattered is that I went. I didn't quit. And what matters is that I'll do it again.

I don’t know if I’ll always have this strength but on this day, I was so grateful for it. I’m so grateful that this practice and this community is ALWAYS there and waiting for me. ⁣

What can you find that is always there?⁣

Is it meditation?⁣

Is it a journal?⁣

Is it music?⁣

Mine was yoga and I forgot.⁣

I always forget.⁣

Here’s to a new week, a new month, and not forgetting what’s always there when we need it.

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