Staycation Ideas Near Atlantic City: Couples Edition

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Life PRE-pandemic was stressful and hectic, in a household of 2 working adults, co-parenting schedules, a crazy puppy, a cranky cat, and everything in between. Luckily for our relationship, Eric and I always made it a point to do little "Staycations" once every few months. Well, needless to say, somehow we had gone an entire year without ONE night to ourselves, without ANY responsibilities.

I talk about Self Care often, and that includes relationship care! I decided, before we could go through a long, dark, depressing winter, we NEEDED to take time for another Staycation. Hard Rock Atlantic City to the rescue!

The kiddos were with their dad for the night, and my brother so graciously agreed to take over puppy duty. It could have been easy to dwell on the changes due to the current state of our world, but we truly had the most amazing time.

We were SO impressed when we walked in our hotel room! The door was actually sealed to indicate that it'd been sanitized, and on the bed was a card detailing everything in the room that was also sanitized.

Color me impressed - and more importantly - RELAXED!

It was a great kickoff to our staycation knowing that so much care and caution went into keeping us safe.

Eric was thrilled to be able to see our home island out one side of the window, and the ocean out the other side. The man is not a fan of being indoors for too long, so this held him over for 24 hours!

After a nice hot shower (Eric had worked all day), we took our time getting all done up. It's easy to forget how GOOD it feels to put on a sexy dress, some bold makeup, a pair of too-little-worn stilettos, and strut your stuff. How often do we have a chance to do this nowadays? It's an instant mood booster!

Sidenote: don't try and squeeze yourself into something that may have fit last year and doesn't this year. Get something that FITS your CURRENT body so that you can enjoy the time and not be uncomfortable all night!

We arrived for our reservations at Council Oak Fish Steaks & Seafood and were wow'ed fro

m start to finish.

Customer service was exceptional. Darren helped Eric find a draft beer that suited his tastes (he's usually a Miller Lite kind of guy but...#staycation) and brought me a cocktail called, "Autumn in AC".

It tasted like drinking apple pie! I was thinking,

"I could totally chug this out of a pint glass with a straw"

and then, it hit me. So take my word for it when I say to drink it slowly! Hands down, the best cocktail I've had in a very long time.

We ordered the Wood Fired Bacon with Roasted Shallot Purée, Apple Vinaigrette as an appetizer. It melted in our mouths and was a really tasty flavor profile. For our entrees, I ordered a 10oz Filet and Eric was giddy over a 2lb lobster. I have a shellfish allergy, and the staff was happy to accommodate. We added on creamed spinach and homestyle mashed potatoes

which - by the way - I'm not ashamed to say, taste great as a midnight snack right out of the hotel room refrigerator.

Unfortunately we couldn't possibly make room for dessert but were more than satisfied with the incredible dinner and service! I loved the open kitchen concept and watching my filet being prepared, too.

We then headed back to the room for an outfit change. Well, I got changed, because I was determined to show off as many looks as possible in one night. Then it was time for some gambling and a hunt to find live music!