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The Gift I Didn’t Want: Remote Learning + Routine

I have been waiting, wanting, needing this night for 6 months. Even when I didn’t know I wanted or needed it. The night before the first week of “100% remote learning“ for 2 kids who’s lives have been disrupted and haven’t been properly educated since March.

As someone who is a free spirited, wild souled, go with the flow personality, I have resisted a routine for as long as I can remember.

My coparenting schedule is all over the place and my kids are with their dad a different night every week so that makes it extremely difficult, too. I can’t just say, “this is what life looks like on Tuesdays” and schedule accordingly.

My weeks book up quickly with appointments and work tasks and now, having become a full time virtual learning facilitator for a 3rd and 8th grader, I am realizing I’m going to attempt to give myself and my household the gift of a schedule. A routine.

I’m not the first mom in the modern world to have an awkward coparenting schedule. I’m not the first mom to have to take care of children, a puppy, a household, and work in the moments in between, enough to pull her fair share of financial responsibilities.

So why is this so scary to me?

I fear I will be exhausted.

I fear I will be overwhelmed.

I fear I’ll be stuck in a box and feel stifled like when I worked a corporate job.

I crave spontaneity and get a rise out of a last minute adventure.

This is why I’ve never been able to meal prep or meal plan. This is why setting a workout schedule sounds like the opposite of a fun time.

But the life I am creating for myself is ready to evolve. It’s time for me to level up myself.

This is my time to create my dream life.

How do I act? How do I feel? What do I do?

All those minute, day to day actions, are the cogs in my machine and if I want to be fully functioning, I’ve GOT to rethink the mechanics.

The last 6 months it’s been getting by. It’s working. But what if I gave myself the chance to REALLY shine?

What if I could actually be that person I think about when I’m trying to sleep at night? What if I could be that next level mom, partner, household manager, leader, and mentor? Disciplined in my time management, my habits, my health?

The only thing holding me back is me.

This 100% remote learning plot twist was a gift from the universe. I was just handed the key. So now I sit in my bubble bath, journal what I want out of life, what I need to focus on, and...attempt to schedule my next week.

I’m using print outs from Passion Planner for the next couple weeks as well as a few different time management apps to track how much time I’m spending on different tasks so I can adjust

my schedule down the road to be more efficient.

I will report back on what’s worked and what hasn’t!

I’m really excited. To my other parents who are embarking on this new adventure, you’re not alone. This is all new but we can do it. Even on the days when we really think we can’t.

I’d love to hear your routines, hacks, and efficiency hacks! Comment below!

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