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When the storm comes, are you ready?

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

When I lost my home in hurricane sandy, I was NOT. ⁣

I didn’t even pick up anything off the floor when we evacuated. The only reason I actually left to begin with was because I didn’t want to be stuck without power with a preschooler and an infant.⁣

No home. No husband. No belongings. No money. ⁣

The trauma, heartache, and lessons I have learned since then made me who I am today, but I definitely don’t want to put myself in that situation ever again, knowing what I know now. ⁣

When C-Word (rhymes with shmovid-shnineteen) hit, I had never been more grateful that I took the time and put in the work to heal my trauma from that natural disaster and learn so many skills. There were years where any amount of flooding or talk of storms would send me into a PTSD episode. ⁣

Tonight we had our first call with a financial representative, Liz Dratman. She asked us a lot of questions that made me face things and think about things that I had avoided for a long time. ⁣

In a time of uncertainty like right now, I am more motivated than ever to continue growing my business with Younique, and building my Self Love Monthly Private Membership. ⁣

If I have to be home, I’m going to make use of this time. It feels amazing and so empowering to finally be able to get my feet on the ground and actually be able to talk about future goals as potential realities and not just “one day...” or “I wish I could do/have/be that...”⁣

Guys, manifestation is REAL but you have to do the WORK, take the LEAPS, and have FAITH.⁣

I am here to help other women see their full potential and know that there ARE ways to be home safe with your family while making money and setting/achieving goals. ⁣

Whether you believe this will all be over soon, or you’re creating a new normal...I think there’s room for growth and opportunity and it’s silly not to consider it! I’m so glad I did. ⁣

Are you ready? ⁣

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