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Galentine's Day Celebration Ideas You Won't Wait to Plan!

Every year I throw a big Galentine's Day Event. In 2019, I invited my most handsome and talented eligible bachelors down and put on a hot and steamy male revue show. Last year, I threw a super fun Galentine's Day Party complete with pizza, snacks, drinks, crafting activities, a selfie station, and music. This year, obviously, I had to get creative well, ya know, because of the C-word.

I've come up with two fun ways to celebrate Galentine's Day and pour into yourself and friendships in 2021 under the current climate: solo, or with your gals. Or both!

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What is Galentine's Day? Leslie Knope from Parks & Recreation says,

“Oh it’s only the best day of the year. Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it.”[...] Ladies, celebrate ladies.

In a society that's so focused on romantic relationships, we often neglect our platonic bff relationships and the ones with ourselves! Skip the 5000 word essay if you'd like...sometimes what's most beneficial to nurturing female friendships is simply making time for each other, or ourselves. Considering how busy most of us are with typical adult responsibilities, this is a grand gesture.

Idea 1: (Virtual) or DIY Spa Night

This can be super simple! First thing's first. Carve out a day and time that works for all of you. No kids, no spouses, no pets, just the gals. If you're spread across the country (like me and my BFFs), plan to go virtual! If you're close by and everyone's comfortable with it, I highly recommend booking a suite and getting together in person.

Everyone can stock up on snacks and drinks the night of, BUT what you want to do right now is order your Love, Leslie Jespersen Beauty Box! This beauty box ships on January 15 so even with shipping delays it'll arrive with plenty of time. Everyone make an agreement NOT TO OPEN theirs until Galentine's Day! This Beauty Box will be delivered straight to your door and will come full of $200+ in goodies to pamper yourself! Each product in the beauty box is:

  • cruelty free

  • gluten free

  • paraben, sulfate, talc free

  • clinical grade

  • made in the USA

You can each save 20% on my beauty boxes by clicking here but orders close January 14 so HURRY!

A beauty box already curated for you is the best way to say "I love ME" by treating yourselves to a surprise pampering kit, plus it's a hell of a lot easier (and more affordable) than buying these items piecemeal or trying to make them in your kitchen.

Plan to lounge in pajamas, pamper yourselves, catch up, check in with each other, play card games, and leave all your worries and responsibilities behind for a night, or a weekend!

Idea 2: Solo Self Love Night

Hear me out. I am such an advocate for self love and solo time (my brand name IS Love, Leslie Jespersen after all!) and I find in conversations I have every day that women just do not make time to be intentional in spending time with themselves. If you struggle with being overwhelmed, feelings of worthlessness, depression, etc...this can be a crucial tool in feeling better. TRUST ME, I say this from experience.

Start with blocking out an evening completely to yourself. No kids, no spouse, no pets, no distractions. If you can't do this at home, splurge and get yourself a hotel room with a deep bath tub. It'll have you feeling like royalty for the evening. How often do we get to experience that? Not enough!

What to include in your Solo Self Love Night Toolkit:

Imagine the most romantic night of your life. And do it for yourself! Really take this time to show gratitude towards your mind, your body, and everything they do for you every single day to keep you kickin'. If any strong emotions come up, journal them. Allow yourself complete freedom to feel what you feel. Dance around naked, jump on the bed, get all your happy chemicals firing, and then allow yourself to get a good sleep.

I hope these ideas sparked some excitement and that you get to celebrate this underrecognized, unofficial holiday this year! I'd love to see how you did. Please tag me in your photos and stories on Instagram at @leslie_jespersen!

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