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The UnRetreat

An All - Inclusive Self Love Vacation Experience

Riviera Maya, Mexico

February 17-21, 2022

How do I know if this is for me?



You need a vacation...

You need to remember how to have FUN and rediscover YOU...

You need to learn how to fall in love with yourself so you can show up as the best version of yourself NOW...


not when you lose 20 lbs.

not when you make a certain amount of money. 

not when the kids are older.

Then the answer is y-e-s.

you deserve to have a deeply fulfilling relationship with yourself, don't you agree? 

Doors close in

Screen Shot 2021-09-07 at 11.25.03 AM.png

What's Included

✓ luxurious resort accommodations
✓ round trip airport shuttle
✓ gourmet food, drink, taxes & fees
✓ daily self love workshops & activities
✓ dance class, excursions
✓ reiki healing experience

✓ professional photoshoot at cenote
✓ curated downtime 
✓ networking dinner 
✓ hydrotherapy spa experience
✓ a welcoming, inclusive environment

Only $2222 per person

(double occupancy)

just 2 rooms left!!!


"During the mirror workshop I cried. I didn't want to go because I am an emotional person. I picked a random affirmation out of the bag and when I read it, tears just streamed down my face. I knew that one was 100% meant for me. I needed that. I'm exhausted balancing my businesses and being a mother and wife. I'm drained and sometimes I want to give up because I do so much. But then I'm proud of myself and the future I'm creating for my family. 

This exercise was what I needed to realize that I have this shit and my success will just rise! This event was incredible and Leslie did an amazing job. I cannot, absolutely freaking cannot wait til next year!"

- Brianna R.


"This was the first time that I sat among women and felt included and unjudged. We truly were each other's hype girls! I was completely relaxed and able to enjoy being in the moment. I left with a renewed confidence and a set of tools to continue to use and grow with. So glad I attended!"

- Shari M.

On this vacation you will...


Hotel Xcaret Arte

The architecture of this luxurious hotel in Playa del Carmen and its 900 adult-only suites are a tribute to various Mexican artists. Its sustainable architecture integrates with nature. Immerse yourself in the exciting Mexican culture and live a splendid experience for your senses.

  • White sandy beaches

  • Rivers and inlets

  • Jungle trails

  • Infinity pools

  • Tennis and paddle courts

  • Kayak and paddle board at the hotel

  • Fitness center

  • Training circuit in nature

Your Garden or River Suite will feature:

  • mini bar & snack basket

  • rain shower

  • traditional Mexican hammocks on your individual balcony



only 4 spots left!!

don't wait! 2 spots per room: Bring a bestie or find the roommate post in our Facebook community.

Go solo - see payment page for upgrade options.

Cancelation Policy

We reserve the right to cancel this trip for any reason, at any time. In this case, refunds will be given within 60 days or as soon as funds are released from the resort. 

Deposits are nonrefundable. Should you become unable to attend, you may cancel under the following terms:
75 days pre-travel: 100% refund minus nonrefundable deposit

60 days pre-travel: 50% refund minus nonrefundable deposit

Travel Insurance

You may purchase travel insurance and get assistance with flight arrangements via Cassandra Everett,


This is an inclusive space for those individuals over 18 wanting the experience it provides. If your partner wants to come on vacation, they are welcome to be your 2nd person in your room, enjoy all the food, drink, amenities, and just skip the private self-love activities. However, the rate is the same whether they participate or not. Please make sure to translate expectations and remember that you are here to relax and work on YOU. 

Anything else?

Most questions can be answered inside our private facebook community. You can email with any questions or concerns. 

Payment Plan Options:

4 payments of $555 *ends 10/1/21
3 payments of $750* ends 11/1/21

$555 down, balance due by 1/1/22

Why the "UN" retreat?

Because we're doing things differently. You don't need 3 hour hot and grueling yoga classes, juice cleanses, or 5am wakeup calls for an transformational experience.  

hey, i'm leslie!

I'm a self love creator, body image mentor, and experience producer. I have a passion for creating content and experiences that lift folks up, and help them develop habits to live their lives unapologetically and love themselves a little bit (or a lotta bit) more. 

I am a mom of 2, a survivor of natural disaster, divorce, disordered eating, self hatred, and have learned how to turn my trauma and pain into tools to attract the life, love, and abundance I never thought I was worthy of having. My life's mission is to help others do the same! 


Why the UN-retreat? I saw so many retreats and events I wanted to go to, but they were all so intimidating and...didn't sound very fun. I wanted to have fun while learning more about myself. Something needed to change! 

In 2019, I created my first personal development day party called The Leveled Up Brunch Forum. I then decided to infuse more fun, play, and self love by way of The Hot Girl Summer Self Love Party. But what if we could extend and expand on this experience? 

In comes: The Un-Retreat. An All-Inclusive Self Love Vacation. 


Meet The Team


Cassy Everett
hospitality coordinator

Cassandra is an independent travel agent with over a decade of hospitality experience. She is a cancer survivor, avid foodie, lover of animals and caribbean island dweller!


She currently works with Expedia Cruises NorthShore in Glenview Illinois just outside of Chicago and can help you with any and all travel needs!


Tori Sokalski

Tori is a NJ based photographer. Photography has been a part of her life since she was able to drive a car. She is passionate about making people feel like their most beautiful self while also feeling comfortable and confident in front of the camera. She believes everyone deserves to feel amazing! When she's not behind the camera you can find her listening to old music, thrifting, or watching movies!


Krystle J. Bailey
workshop facilitator

Krystle is an author, freelance writer, and poet. Her self-published book, Nourish: A Journey to Loving and Embracing the Woman Within, chronicles her life story and the societal standards that women face today. Through her writing, poetry, and open heart, Krystle has connected with women across the globe in profound ways. As the creator of The Daily Bailey, a professional writing service, Krystle helps business owners bring their brand to life through the power of the written word.

Screen Shot 2021-09-07 at 11.25.03 AM.png

You deserve...

✓ luxurious resort accommodations
✓ round trip airport shuttle
✓ gourmet food, drink, taxes & fees
✓ daily self love workshops & activities
✓ dance class, excursions

✓ reiki healing experience

✓ professional photoshoot at cenote
✓ curated downtime 
✓ networking dinner 
✓ hydrotherapy spa experience
✓ a welcoming, inclusive environment

Only $2222

(per person, double occupancy. Add $444 for single occupancy)

just 4 spots left!!!

pool jump.jpeg

Lets. Go. 

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