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Free Self Love Phone Backgrounds!

Choose your vibe, download, & enjoy

Why a phone background?

Developing self love habits is all about practice and repetition. We pick up our phones an average of 58 times a day. Imagine if during those 58 times, we took a mere second to show ourselves some love?  So every time you look at your phone, say the self love affirmation to yourself. Got extra time to spare? Say it out loud! Look yourself in the eyes in your mirror too. 

Choose your vibe

I have infused positive and healing energy into each one of these, and have created over 25 for you to choose from. Choose from earthy boho and florals, clean and classy, bright and energetic, celestial, marbles, all kinds! 

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Your free backgrounds are just a few clicks away!

*i will not sell your info or spam you!

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