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In the Media

Leslie Jespersen has been featured on various media outlets: tv, radio, print, digital, podcast, and video. See them all here! 

KOAT News ABC Channel 7

By Hamilton Khan August 13 2023

""We're looking for someone to take this chapter, become a part of our leadership team, and really establish themselves as a leading figure in the community," Jespersen said"

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Published by Sophia San Filippo: Feb 10, 2020

"Infidelity, gaslighting, parenting, separation, heartache–it’s all very traumatic. But combined with a natural disaster? If it weren’t for my responsibility to my children and some really good therapy, I don’t know if I’d have survived."

By Karen DeWalt October 11, 2019

 "Leslie would like to teach you how to use your past traumas as lessons and stepping stones rather than letting them define your life and keep you from achieving the best version of yourself. "

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July 11, 2o22

 Meet Leslie Jespersen | self love entrepreneur & speaker/author. "It wasn’t until the pandemic that I dove into learning more about myself and how I’d be able to serve others on a higher level as a coach. Investing in myself was tough! "

December 10, 2021

"In 2019 I had the opportunity to produce my first concert series and was able to call on the artists and professionals I had met over the last 10 years. I really was able to prove myself with this! "

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Leslie and I chat about her middle moment which comprised of her losing her home and having to completely rebuild her life from scratch. She has some amazing insights about how gratitude, being in the moment, and not letting yourself get stuck can make a huge impact on our lives.


Today’s podcast is a long overdue conversation on what it means to be a Plus Size woman in today’s society.

I have Lifestyle Creator and Plus Size Model, Leslie Jespersen on the show to talk about creating body autonomy and finding fulfillment after Motherhood.
She also shares her secret tips for feeling amazing in your body now and how to wear whatever the hell you want!

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Thriving and Surviving Tips for Entrepreneurs

Right now small business owners and entrepreneurs across the country are getting creative beyond anything we've ever seen to keep business as usual. It's inspiring and heart warming. The hustle is real! 

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