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I'm Leslie Jespersen

and I'm happy you're here.

meet the Claircognizant Confidence Queen™

As a brand amplification expert and embodiment coach, ​I help aspiring women entrepreneurs plug into their bodies, step into the spotlight, and turn their skills into monetized brands. Through a blend of my claircognizant intuition + business strategy, my Signature Mirror Method ™, reiki, masterclasses, and in-person experiences, my clients are able to confidently embark on their path to career freedom and fulfillment.


Over the years, I rebuilt myself from a burnt-out single mom social media manager to a globally-recognized coach and speaker. After working with me, my clients go from analysis paralysis and a fear of being seen and now have a 100% success rate for creating their own brands.​

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After just one call with Leslie my dreams were becoming reality. Her guidance and suggestions helped me make my dreams into something achievable. What had previously felt overwhelming and unachievable became fuel for the plans that were developed. Leslie made me feel comfortable to share fears that had created shame, which was holding me back. The connections made with other women in the mastermind were also inspiring. Cheering for each other has been a beautiful added gift I didn't know I was going to receive. The investment in myself was well worth it."

Carly, Healer 

"I swear Leslie's superpower is helping women see their true talent and how they can use their own superpowers to help others.
We had our 1:1 today and I'm overflowing with inspiration and ideas. I feel like I have direction again thanks to Leslie. 
The funny thing is, the ideas we talked about today were things she has mentioned on calls before when it comes to how we can monetize on our own skills. Her intuition paired with her personal and professional experience in marketing/strategy allows her to see the concept before it has been given life. What we talked about today, she saw months ago. 
Leslie you freakin know what you're talking about, what you're doing and when you see a vision it is on point."

Liz, Blogger


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